New Interior Refrigerator Features

The common day refrigerators offer a wider variety of more advanced features designed to meet all the specific needs of safe food storage. In this blog post, we take a look at the internal new refrigerator features and also how they are used on day to day basis. These interior features include:
  • Sliding shelves that make it easier to place and remove food from the back of the refrigerator
  • Removable, adjustable retractable shelves that offer greater flexibility to store a variety of different items. 
  • The glass shelves spill roof has raised edges that contain spills for easy cleaning. Also it improves visibility,  allowing to easily find items in a crowded refrigerator.
  • For larger liquid containers like milk, the container doors provide ample space. The shelves can be placed vertically to customize the storage doors, and some sliding to get them and get them out, allowing easy access. 
  • The in-built support for drinks helps you to keep bottles and cans organized and easily accessible. The exclusive wine racks are also available as internal feature.
  • An automatic ice making machine is also among new refrigerator features that eliminate the need to fill and store plastic cube trays. The ice machine is mounted on the door which saves more space for storing food in the freezer. 
  • Multi zone cooling systems provide a discrete control temperature and humidity to keep certain items (such as fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products) as fresh as possible. Certain models feature completely separate cooling systems for the refrigerator compartment and freezer, preventing the flow of air between them to be less mixed odors. 
  • Control systems based on temperature and humidity sensors keeps the refrigerator running efficiently at optimal temperatures to keep food fresher while limiting power consumption. 
  • Refreshment compartment that provides a specific area that is colder than the rest of the refrigerator (or freezer) to freeze or refrigerate your treats for parties at the right time.
  • The LED lighting is also one of the best new refrigerator features that consume less energy than traditional lighting. It also improves overall visibility in the refrigerator and gives the interior an elegant sheen.
  • Antibacterial coatings on inner surfaces help slow the growth of mold and keep your refrigerator clean.
  • Internal compartments for odor removal replacing the box of baking soda help to keep fresh and clean refrigerator.
Unfortunately, these modern refrigerators and all their features break down at some point and that's where we come in.  Give us a call today to keep your modern refrigerator working well.